Mission Statement:
Electro Painting and Refurbishing Inc. shall provide high quality electrostatic painting and office furniture refurbishing services to achieve total customer satisfaction. We achieve this goal by utilizing high performance materials and equipment while affording our employees with proper training and an atmosphere that rewards performance.
EPR Services:
Our Services include refurbishing of office furniture systems and On Site electrostatic painting services.  OEM equivalent coatings are applied over metal and non-metal products in each of our state of the art paint shop facilities.  Each EPR location around the U.S. is also equipped with complete laminate and upholstery shops.  EPR On Site electrostatic painting services can be performed at your facility during day, evening, or weekend hours. 
Since 1999, EPR is committed to provide the highest quality electrostatic painting and office furniture refurbishing products and services available.  We achieve this with a local staff and the ability to utilize personnel and manufacturing resources from our seven (7) locations when necessary to complete your job. These services make EPR your one-stop electrostatic painting and office furniture refurbishing source. 

Our Associations:

International Facility Management Association

Painting and Decorating Contractor of America

Indiana Rural Water Association

Advertiser- Contractors Building and Construction Book